Can we help you with your apprenticeship training?

I was pleased to support National Apprenticeship Week last month, celebrating the success of apprenticeships and how they benefit people, businesses, communities and our economy.

The value of apprenticeships

I see first-hand how much young people achieve from undertaking an apprenticeship as my daughter and son are currently serving apprenticeships with HMRC and BT. I also work with apprentices across CCS, and I am proud to see the societal impact and economic benefits of our work.

Apprenticeships represent an excellent investment for public sector employers, delivering significant benefits for the taxpayer. Did you know apprenticeships provide a typical return of £26–£28 for every £1 of investment at levels 2 and 3?

How we can help

Accessing Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) registered apprenticeship training can be complex and costly, which is why we developed our Apprenticeship Training and Related Services framework (RM3823). It covers 12 common curriculum areas of apprenticeship training, and is designed to help you set up your own apprenticeship programmes efficiently and effectively, supporting the development of the next generation of public sector workers.

Over the last few months the framework has generated c. 500 apprenticeship starts, with many more in the pipeline, which will support the public sector targets.

Why use the framework?

Choosing to use our framework to support your apprenticeship training will ensure that you are:

  • Compliant with public procurement regulations, ESFA Apprenticeships Funding and Performance Management Rules
  • Getting great value – on average, the prices paid through the framework are 22% below the upper limits on apprenticeship charges set by the ESFA
  • Using a standardised general specification of requirements, with pre-agreed terms and conditions
  • Supporting SMEs – 6 suppliers out of 16 prime suppliers are SMEs (38%), with a further 6 SMEs in the supply chains

What does the framework offer?

  • Apprenticeship Levy advice and guidance
  • Development and delivery of apprenticeship training curriculum and programmes
  • Robust processes to support the development of apprenticeship programmes across your organisation
  • An Individual Learner Record (ILR) and portal which enables authorised users to log the progress of the training and development of the apprentice throughout the scheme
  • End Point Assessment process leading to the award of a certificate of apprenticeship by a third party certification body
  • Future-proofing by allowing additional new apprenticeships standards

What types of apprentice training can you buy?

Training is broken down into the following areas:

  • Leadership & management
  • Project management
  • Operational delivery
  • Human resources
  • Finance & tax
  • Digital
  • Customer service
  • Commercial
  • Business administration
  • Property
  • Higher level leadership
  • Higher level digital

Find out more

To learn more about the framework and how to access it:

Visit the framework page

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You may also like to know I am working on a strategy to launch a new commercial solution with a wider scope later this year. Watch this space for more details…