Can CCS help with your IT strategy?

Almost every department in the NHS is contending with legacy IT challenges, as well as the need to embrace new technologies – and all whilst limiting and controlling IT spend. Cloud adoption can fix a lot of the problems, but some critical applications and systems don’t move easily to the cloud, which means it will take time, resources and expertise to transform them.

Hybrid IT environments are the likely outcome, which means both cloud and on-premise solutions will need to be supported as the new model.

This is why, if you are not already familiar with the Crown Hosting Services (RM1069) framework, I’d recommend you take a closer look as it has a firm role to play in your IT and digital strategy.

The framework, which is a joint venture between the Cabinet Office and Ark, supports the first few steps towards transformation. It immediately benefits the NHS as it allows you to choose the infrastructure or service that delivers the best value at this time, and over time, until it is the right time to transition to the cloud.

Operating savings using the framework start at 66% meaning there is a clear return on investment versus existing on-premise or managed solutions – even with transition costs factored in.

The government accredited tier3+ data centre campuses host old legacy and new high performance computing. You can start big or small and with no minimum term commitment and no exit penalties you can transition when you are absolutely ready. What’s more, if digital transformation delays occur savings will continue to be generated.

We understand the complexity of digital transformation and are confident that by using the framework as your foundation you’ll identify considerable cost benefits. You will also reduce your operational risk by hosting your equipment in a much improved environment until the transition to the cloud is realised.

What’s more, the framework doesn’t impose itself on any managed service arrangements you may have – in fact it loosens the ties in your favour – and you can repurpose your real estate for patient services by freeing up on-premise datacentres.

To understand more about how the framework can help you, and how we are helping organisations like NHS Digital and Genomics, as well as NHS trusts and the wider public sector, please get in touch.

You can also download a brochure.