Boost productivity with technology products from the Purchasing Platform

Public sector organisations can save time and money by purchasing all of their technology needs on our Purchasing Platform. Through simple hacks, the technology we work with every day can boost productivity in the office significantly – here are our top tips to make technology work for you:


Smartphones and the use of smartphone apps for business have connected colleagues in new ways, and employees are increasingly using apps for business on their phones. Innovation, flexibility and an improvement in collaboration are all side effects stemming from greater use of smartphones amongst colleagues.

Use two monitors

It takes about 1.5 seconds to move the mouse and click to switch between documents. Two monitors can help to complete tasks in a shorter space of time and dual monitors have been proven to improve productivity. Tasks that can be made shorter by using two monitors include data entry, graphic design and project comparison.

Learn the keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are a great timesaver when working at your laptop or computer. There are shortcuts for almost every application – so taking the time to learn shortcuts on the programs you use most is a worthy investment.

Purchase your tech products via the Purchasing Platform

There are over 350,000 total items currently listed on site. The Purchasing Platform has seen over 800 Samsung Galaxy smartphones sold over the past three months, ‘Dell LED monitors’ have been one of the platforms’ most popular search terms, and silver Apple iPads with 32GB memory have proven a most sought after item.**

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*according to ONS

*stats from Power BI analytics