Apprenticeship training suppliers and standards

There are now 52 Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) registered apprenticeship training providers available on our dynamic marketplace. 65% of these suppliers are SMEs.

Through these providers, you can access over 240 apprenticeship standards and frameworks including:

  • generic ones such as business admin, digital, finance and legal
  • specialist ones such as health & science, engineering & manufacturing and construction
  • sector specific ones such as care services and education

The marketplace offers you an unrivalled combination of benefits to support your organisation’s apprenticeship targets:

  • simpler, quicker access to service providers via an automated, electronic process 
  • increased scope and scale of training services
  • flexible procurement options: 
    • rapid award procedure – filter, select and award to a supplier in an information-rich environment, including pricing, with no need to run an offline further competition
    • standard award procedure – shortlisting filters also enable offline further competitions to be undertaken 
  • supports localism and social value as suppliers can bid for business either locally, regionally or nationally and employers can stimulate the market by encouraging suppliers to join the marketplace
  • all apprenticeship standards and frameworks are available (plus end point assessment, on request)
  • automated link to the Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers ensures all suppliers are registered (and removed if necessary)

Find out more on the CCS website – there’s a tutorial video, customer guidance and checklist to help you get started.

To register to access the marketplace – choose the ‘access as a buyer’ option to get started.