7 good reasons to sort your payment solutions today

Whether you’re looking to improve your processes for collecting payments or paying invoices – or indeed both – it needn’t be a lengthy process, as we can help you get up and running in a matter of weeks. Here are 7 good reasons why you should take the first steps towards streamlining your payment solutions today:

  1. Embedding payment cards with your top suppliers will reduce 1000s of invoices into just one – your monthly card statement – making it much easier for your finance team to process
  2. Customers have typically reduced the number of invoices they receive by as much as 45%
  3. Using payments cards can save you at least £5 per transaction compared to traditional purchasing methods
  4. You will be able to pay about 20% more invoices on time. This will help you achieve your prompt payment targets, as suppliers are guaranteed to be paid within 3 working days
  5. Switching your ePayment card provider could save you between £28 and £45 per card on annual card fees
  6. Receive annual rebates based on your card spend. In the past 2 years rebates to customers totalled over £10 million
  7. Reduced fuel card fees and charges have helped save over £1.3 million for UK police forces and £900,000 for the UK ambulance service

Our payment solutions include ePurchasing cards, fuel cards, and merchant acquiring services, equipment and payment gateway services to help you accept payments online, over the phone or in person.

We have over 4,000 public sector customers using the services, with over £1.4 billion of spend going through our ePurchasing card solution and £15 billion of receipts going through our merchant acquirer service. So you can be doubly assured our services are tried and tested!

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