6 customers save £300,000 on IT hardware

Our latest aggregation brought together 6 customers’ requirements for IT hardware, helping them to achieve average savings of 16.7%.

The requirement

Many organisations routinely purchase the same commodity goods such as laptops, desktops, tablets and peripherals, as and when they need them. Some customers experience issues with compiling their specifications to ensure their technical requirements are fully met.

We wanted to help customers to achieve savings and also provide the ability to purchase agnostically – providing the best value for money while meeting the customers’ requirements.

The solution

One of our national further competitions, which are based on a standardised specification, was planned as the aggregated volume was expected to attract more interest from suppliers.

Using the Crown Commercial Service Technology Products 2 agreement (lot 1), a further competition was run and the most economically advantageous offer in the market was obtained by taking into consideration both price and non-price factors such as quality, technical specifications, compatibility with other hardware and warranty length. The further competition was concluded with an eAuction to maximize supplier competition.

The results

The competition, which took place in May 2019, brought together the common IT hardware requirements of 6 customers, amounting to £1.9 million.

It achieved on average a 16.75% saving compared to market value. This is the equivalent of a saving of £300,000 for the customers who took part.

These results clearly demonstrate that with aggregated volumes and the adoption of a standard specification for a commodity product, significant cost savings can quickly be realised.

For further information

National aggregated further competitions are a tried and tested approach which has delivered significant savings to the public sector.

This is a fully managed service provided and funded by us. We will draft all documentation, build the specification and run the procurement.

Customers are simply required to complete a form to express their interest, provide the final volume of services required prior to us going to market and sign a contract with the successful supplier.

We would like to hear from customers who are interested in securing savings by aggregating their requirements with other customers for commodity goods and services.

You have until September 2019 to take part in our latest IT Hardware aggregation. To express an interest or speak to a member of our team, please complete our online form quoting ‘NFC114 IT hardware aggregation’ in the comments box.