6 benefits of choosing CCS for your print requirements

We know that managing your print requirements to ensure you are achieving value for money, optimising print efficiency, and keeping up with the latest digital solutions can be time consuming, especially if you’re having to run a complex procurement process on top of this.

We often see customers struggling to manage multiple suppliers who they suspect may not be offering best value any more. Customers may not know the best way to approach the market, or what is possible to help improve how they buy their print requirements, and end up stuck in the routine of buying the same way they have always done.

Whether you are a housing association with small print requirements, a local authority with large scale print requirements or anywhere in between, you could benefit from using our framework for Managed Print and Digital Solutions. From print and paper products, pre-production services to direct mail, stock management and digital solutions, the range of products and services the framework offers is diverse.  

The top 6 benefits of choosing CCS for your print requirements are:

  1. Significant cost savings – customers can expect to make savings of between 5 and 20% based on their print maturity and volumes. We have a proven track record of helping our customers save money – Birmingham City Council saved £1.7 million on its print requirements.
  2. 2 easy access routes – you can place a direct award through lot 1 (single supplier), or run a further competition through lot 2 (6 suppliers). Our print category experts can give you help and advice, and we provide a range of FAQ and guidance documents to make the process simple and save you time.
  3. Pre-assessed suppliers to save you time – we’ve already evaluated the framework suppliers through a rigorous OJEU compliant process, so you don’t have to run a time consuming OJEU yourself. Suppliers have been assessed against relevant Quality Standards. We have ensured they are all certified to key security standards including Cyber Essentials, so you can rest assured that your information is safe with them. We also provide pre-agreed terms and conditions to save you time and give you with sound contractual safeguards.
  4. Consultative pre-engagement – you can invite our lot 2 framework suppliers to meet with you before you reach Invitation to Quote (ITT) stage to advise and guide your procurement process, including sharing best practice, consulting on specifications and scope, and giving you insight into lessons learned in previous exercises. This will ensure that the suppliers fully understand your needs and the bids you receive are fully tailored to you.
  5. Expert advice and support to increase your print efficiency – framework suppliers are experts in their field. They have experience of a wide range of  specialisms to ensure your technical and commercial requirements are met and they can offer you expert advice and support to help improve your print process efficiency and make savings where possible.
  6. Help with digital solutions – by considering switching some of your print solutions to digital where possible, you can reduce costs by decreasing the use of paper and physical delivery of products.

Find out more about how we can help with your print requirements and get in touch.