5 ways universities and colleges can save on office products and services

With summer coming to an end and students heading back to university or college soon, it’s an ideal time to begin thinking about the resources you’ll need for the year ahead.

A key element of this is likely to be your office related products and services. We want to help you save money on buying these, so you can spend more on vital teaching resources.

Here are our top 5 ways to save:

  1. Access the latest technology to help you reduce your print costs, the volume of paper you use, and minimise your physical storage costs to free up valuable space – our customers are benefitting from average savings of 15% through our  Managed Print and Records Management framework.
  2. Standardise and rationalise your print requirements from direct mail to large format printing – our expert suppliers can work with you to do this, with customers achieving savings of up to 20%.
  3. Come together with other universities and colleges to combine your requirements for office supplies – a recent eAuction saved 3 customers £335,000 on their requirements, the equivalent of 40%.
  4. Review your current mail processes and make simple changes to reduce your postal service costs – did you know that by simply switching to 2nd Class mail you can save 14%? Read our blog post on short and long term changes you can make.
  5. Save on the secure collection, storage and delivery of examination papers – review your current provider against other suppliers by using our Courier Services framework. Savings of 15% can be expected, depending on requirements.

We offer different ways to buy to best suit your needs, from quick and simple buying options such as direct award and online portals, to further competitions for tailored services and prices. You can also take part in an eAuction with other organisations (available on most frameworks) to achieve additional savings using our bulk buying power.

Find out more about our range of office related products and services, all of which complement each other to help you to address your every business need.

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