5 benefits of ‘switching on’ our street and outside lighting deal

Did you know local authorities, housing associations and other public sector organisations can purchase street and outside lighting quickly and easily through our Traffic Management Technology 2 framework?

There are a number of benefits of making improvements to your current street and outdoor lighting installations, including improved energy efficiency and the introduction of new technology to help create ‘smart cities’.

We’ve picked out the top 5 reasons to make the investment today:

  1. energy efficiency – there are approximately 7.4 million streetlights in the UK, and less than 10% of these are low energy LEDs. Switching to LED products helps to reduce your carbon footprint and meet local and national energy efficiency targets
  2. safety – improved lighting can help keep your residents safe
  3. creating smart cities – a recent article from LocalGov discussed using street lighting infrastructure to gather data to help you deliver effective solutions aligned to your local smart cities strategy
  4. great savings – improving your lighting can help you save money by reducing your electricity costs
  5. easy ordering – our online portal (the eMarketpace) enables you to buy the street and outside lighting products you need quickly and efficiently, saving you valuable time and ensuring your procurement is fully compliant with public sector procurement regulations

You can buy the following products and services through our  Traffic Management Technology 2 framework, plus much more:

  • street and exterior lighting equipment
  • upgrades to existing lanterns
  • ongoing support and maintenance

Want to find out more?

You can purchase street and outside lighting products as a direct award through our eMarketPlace – if you don’t already have a login for this, please see our guidance on how to register and the link to register.

For further information and to check out the full range of services and buying options available, view the framework page or complete this contact form to get in touch.

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